Friday, May 4, 2007

Best of Credit Bubble Stocks

We are getting a tremendous number of hits right now, so I thought I would put together a list of the best of Credit Bubble Stocks for our new readers.

In new news, from tomorrow's WSJ, As Market Cools, Home Buyers Seek a Way Out:

"In the latest fallout from the housing market's decline, disputes are breaking out between builders and buyers who signed contracts for new homes and condos when the market was hot -- and now want to get out of them.

Even as many of the new buildings are completed, buyers are filing lawsuits claiming they were duped into purchases they couldn't afford, or victimized through fraudulent investment schemes. Some are scrutinizing their contracts looking for loopholes, or searching out tiny flaws in finished homes that might allow them to back out without losing their deposits.

This is something that CORS needs to be thinking about. More on them later.

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By Alex S. Gabor

The ability to issue a global, national, or corporate currency creates power over the commoner who does not have similar rights, licenses and privileges.

When the majority stock in trade of any nation becomes debt instruments and speculative paper, instead of real products that can be exchanged for relatively real valuable final products, that society has already doomed itself to extinction.

Money is the blood of all nations. When the heart of any nation becomes corrupt, the body politic gradually becomes cancerous and feeds off of itself, eventually committing suicide.

Those who attempt to defend the corrupt become themselves diseased and also die in the final battles to retain what illusory power and prestige that the phony money may have temporarily given that society.

Upheavals are the birth of new systems and technology to replace the old.

The entire world is bearing witness to the greatest upheavals in the history of mankind. New technologies in the humanities will make fire, the automobile, airlines and war functionally obsolete.

The current wave of mergers across many industrial sectors through private equity transactions is simply an effort of those who have failed to maintain a falling and collapsing financial system.

Although in the long run economically it may make sense to privatize every publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and every other exchange on the planet, before that happens the exchanges themselves will go through a phase of consolidation in anticipation of private wealthy executives seeking to hold on to what illusory power and wealth they have currently.

Unfortunately, debt instruments used to create those so called leveraged buyouts are nothing more than pieces of documents created on a computer and distributed to the participating banks and bankers across the world who have been so clever that they have hoodwinked themselves into oblivion.

Technology is bringing people together faster than vested interests can hold them apart or force them into quarrels. It was Buckminster Fuller who suggested that either war or men have become obsolete in the 1960’s.

Robotics has replaced the need for humans to devote 90% of their time to labor and unrealistically low wages. This has impacted the entertainment industry, particularly now that the Writer’s Guild of America is on strike, and soon, the Screen Actors Guild will also wind up on strike, but the unions are being broken, not by management, not by powerful vested interests, not even by repressive governments who support the Octodragon, but by progress in technology.

Actors are no longer needed, only their likeness to create very real effects in the entertainment industry, therefore their pay, like most executives around the world who get paid on average more than 100 times the average day labor worker gets, is being cut.

Today we have the greatest battles being fought for the hearts and minds of a growing population of close to 7 billion people, soon to be eight billion. The greatest war in history is not being fought with bombs and bullets; it is being fought with reason, logic and ideas.

But those who subscribe to the philosophy of the Octodragon, (divide and conquer, educate them like mushrooms by keeping them in the dark and feeding them full of horse manure, control their money and their power, and their time and labor), through their own ignorance will foment world war four for the sake of attempting to defend what they laughingly call Democracy and Republicanism and so forthism.

Reason, logic and good ideas have always outlasted the temporary gains that bullets or bombs can offer. That is why short sighted militarists always co-opt the scientist, the philosopher, the artist and the priest in executing their strategies to maintain their power, even knowing chaos theory might backfire on them, they pursue their own greedy vested interests like insects feeding on honey.

There are some in very high places who believe and promote scarcity theory which is in fact a bogus idea. There is only scarcity if you buy into your own governments’ double speak. The latest double speak being bandied about has lost its traction with the wise men on main street and in rural America. There is no such thing as soft landings in the telling of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them please god!

These scarcitists believe that the whole world is overpopulated and that at least half of mankind must be blown away with nuclear wars in order to allow the rest of humanity to survive, otherwise the whole planet will die.
Who dies and who lives will be determined by your own intelligence levels and your own will to survive in the coming decades, as new tools to battle ignorance are propagated and new inventions suppressed for many decades are revealed to the magical masses of millionaires made from the upheavals now underway.

There is now a major shift of power politics taking place through the auspices of the global banking community and technological advancements. Honest people are using technology more and more to remove cancerous cells of society which foment corruption and greed.

The power to regulate the value of money in the United States once belonged to the people. It was transferred to Congress under the United States Constitution through the Federal Reserve Act.

Now, as a result of the world wide web, the internet, the very definitions of money are being redefined by the commoner and King alike. There are no standards of measure of value internationally, but if we use our common cents, like the penny, we might be the answer to a world embroiled in greed, politics and conflicts.

The rest of the free world followed the lead of the U.S. and Britain with their own forms of democratic government, central banking, and various forms of specie and issuance. Britain no longer controls three fourths of the world’s trade as she once did while she ruled with Kings and Queens and empires of imperialism.

More than 220 sovereign nations will be forced in the not too distant future, in the interests of global peace and survival, to ostracize American and British banking, finance and insurance systems from the rest of the world and replace them with saner, more equitable systems of monetary exchanges.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve uses lies, phony statistics and false propaganda in attempts to shore up the loss of faith and confidence which the rest of the world clearly perceives to be a sickened and corrupt global financial system based on the economic philosophies of long dead men who will never return to repay society for the debts they helped invent and foster.

Lately the shift in the purchasing power of the dollar has come under fire by many foreign central bankers who see two major factors wrong with the United States dollar.

The first fact is that there have been too many U.S. dollars issued through paper and electronic means and America is now in a state of industrial and financial collapse as a result of the corruption that pervades American government, industry, the military, the media and social services.

The second factor is that the dollar has become worthless and the penny, because of copper prices, and because of a man known the world over as “The Penny King” has driven the value of pennies in Los Angeles County up 10,000% to a dollar each as part of a growing national public protest and social demonstration of the power of the people and pennies!

The daily dollar volume of currency and stock trades made by bankers and lawyers has doubled in only a decade from $1 to $2 trillion per day. By 2010 those trades will double again to $4 trillion a day unless the people take their pennies and put them where their mouths are.

The total amount of derivative instruments has mushroomed in the same period from under $1 trillion to over $450 trillion and is growing at the rate of over a trillion per week. That to most economics professors at the highest schools of learning on the planet is commonly known as hyperinflation, the same type of circumstances which brought about world war three and allowed three dictators to rise into power, almost destroying the whole of humanity along with it.

Mouthpieces for the government who are paid in fiat money will soon find their purchasing power eroding at the rate of more than 10% a month, 120% a year. But that should not be news to anyone. The Fed and the Treasury have been publishing false and misleading statistics for the past 95 years, hoping that the common man on the street will not wake up and realize what a phony piece of paper the dollar really is after all is said and done.

As a result of this false and misleading information, certain lawyers within the government, a revolving door for captains of criminal industry and enterprise, have falsely and incorrectly profited from their knowledge of how it all works together as a giant engine of the global economy.

That is the subject of the $50 trillion dollar lawsuit being prepared by “The Penny King” against the United States of America in a case being amended known as “Acs v. USA” in United States Federal District Court – news at 11 but not on Fox News which is rumored to be going under fast while Rupert Murdoch scrambles to cover his multi-billion illusory dollar paper losses. His son has no clue what is really going on because Fox News is about as accurate as the wolf talking to little Red Riding Hood!

The real rate of inflation for the past 95 years has been closer to 1,300 per cent per annum, but don’t tell that to lawyers and bankers who helped and created the $5 trillion real estate bubble which has been pricked by the Penny King who first declared in the year 2000 that real estate prices would quadruple in six years and then collapse to less than 10% of their perceived value by the end of 2010.

The United States Government, through the fiat money system created by the Federal Reserve Banks, has created on average, $30,000 in debt for every citizen in America.

This debt will never be repaid with anything more than more fiat money. It is a classic ponzi scheme which continues to be refinanced on a daily basis through an illusory ponzified system of computer networks that is maintained by a network of 22 authorized Wall Street Banks and Brokerage Houses. Ooops, was that the DOW Jones Industrial Average dropping a thousand points in one day?

That should make the Guinness Book of World Records…the truth travels faster than rumors and the idea of buying on rumor and selling on news has shifted to sell on the rumor, buy on the news, in case no one was watching what was going on – really!

The common man, by government decree is not allowed to create money out of thin air, but bankers and lawyers have given themselves these special privileges, forcing 90% of the world’s population into sub-class humans because the “upper class” doesn’t realize that the rest of the world can see right through all the Emperors who wear no clothing.

Nazism, Communism, Socialism all collapsed through the perversion of basic economic laws for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many, despite their massive political rhetoric to the contrary.

The same holds true for Democracy, Republicanisms and Capitalisms, they are functionally obsolete theories of social engineering that are being replaced by modern human spiritual technologies.

There were other factors involved in their collapse, but at the root of their phony ideologies and perverted sense of justice lay a corrupt economic policy which took from the many for the domination by the few.

America has acted no differently in what it propagandizes as “democracy” to the rest of the world. Capitalism is collapsing for the same basic reasons that any system fails – dishonesty and corruption.

Today money is backed by confidence, nothing more or less. When confidence is lost, when you can no longer trust the honesty of any system, it fails, and the rapidity of that failure is dependent upon communication channels between those that use the system in daily commerce and those that attempt to maintain an illusion of stability.

The quicker the common man realizes he has been hoodwinked, the quicker the systems collapse. America’s collapse is being accelerated by the ongoing investigations and revelations of the more honest citizens in America who understand the corruption in the legal and banking professions.

While the FBI, Interpol and other law enforcement agencies the world over have been sidetracked by a political phony war that appears to be a “War on Terrorism”, and must continue to follow orders from the on high command channels of the Commander in Chief, citizens groups have formed in droves, investigating white collar captains of industry criminals, whose exposure has put more than one head on a pike.

Capitalism is following the lead of Hitlerism, Stalinism and Socialism into the 21st century, despite regulation, government intervention, or political grand standing.

The masses didn't start the fire, but they will gradually put it out. Wars and invasion cannot sustain the value of any currency and any policy of global domination fails when force is used.

Most analysts fail to point out that the power to regulate the "peoples" money in the US has been transferred for the past ten decades to a privately owned bank, namely the Federal Reserve. That power, once maintained by Wall Street where two banks alone once serviced over $16 trillion in assets when they announced that they are set to merge, has now shifted overseas. The value of those assets alone has dropped more than a trillion dollars in less than 60 days - that is one reason why they were forced into mergers.

Recently the Euro and the Canadian Dollar have both rocketed past their par value in dollar trading terms. The United States dollars purchasing power has been utterly destroyed and gradually the masses are waking up to that fact and this winter will prove how seriously in trouble America really is financially, economically and politically.

Wall Street has lost what power it once wielded to control the Fed, to influence the U.S. Treasury, or to dominate the global markets. It has printed up and created too much money way too quickly.
At least $2 trillion in less than two years, and over $450 trillion over the past two decades. $10 trillion of that debt denominated money is government securities; another $10 trillion is mortgage backed securities whose collateral values have dropped by more than 50% over the past 18 months in all markets across the planet.

The top ten banks in the United States will be forced into mergers to prevent them from going under separately – by 2010 you will see global banking giants assets grow to greater than $10 trillion each for the top ten global banking institutions.

That will be 100 trillion controlled by the world’s top ten banks who will employee only about 100,000 people because of rapid technological advances.

These days many more merchants are leaving their cash in lock boxes at their stores so the bankers don’t have to pay Brinks and other security detail outfits to move cash around so much.

The need for bank employees is rapidly being replaced by robotics and technology. If you don’t act like a robot at a bank as an employee you don’t last very long working for banks like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac - regardless of all the mainstream media awards for best places to work they have received in the past.

This hyperinflation is not real wealth, it is just more thin air, it is more of the same phooey that came out of nothingness, was made into somethingness, and will be pulled back into nothingness quicker if the power of the people to regulate their pennies persists through it all, which it will.

Some might ask where all that money went. Well it didn’t move or go anywhere. It never existed in the first place and when borrowers, be they nations or individuals or corporate “persons”, reach their maximum ability to pay interest on debt they themselves agreed to pay, they default, their agreements become null and void, and the paper to which they signed their pledges becomes worth less than a penny in today’s markets, which is in fact what has really already happened, while the top officials at the highest ranks of top management and government are trying to hide that fact in order to perpetuate the illusions of money creation.

Imagine that – hiding something that doesn’t really exist in a lock-box – is that false and misleading or not Mr. SEC lawyer?

America is not going to pay back her debts that were created by an illusory system of finance and the 220 nations who were led down the garden path over the past 100 years are not going to stand by and watch their currencies collapse because of American fraud.

So if you owe banks and credit card companies phony money they created out of thin air, why should you pay them back? Why continue to participate in and contribute to the growth of the Octodragon?

Why not just stop putting any money into the banking system at all, save all your pennies, and if you need money for anything, borrow it from friends and relatives interest free – and pay them back when you can because you will never be able to pay back anyone that charges you interest, no matter how low it is.

If everyone did this, the cost of a loaf of bread would become a penny, you could buy bubble gum for a penny again, you could buy a house for $500 instead of $500,000, and you could drive around in a new, modern vehicle connected to the internet that runs on heat from warmed up copper from the sun that powers an electric motor and recharges electric batteries, goes Zero to Sixty in four, yes, four seconds, and costs about a penny a mile to operate and maintain. This vehicle would travel at speeds up to 140 miles per hour, have a life of a million miles and cost about $100 in the new world people’s order economy.

The power to regulate the value of America’s currency now temporarily lies in the hands of foreign central banks that clearly have seen America’s failings.

China, Russia, Hong Kong, Europe and the Middle East now control more than half of the currency issued by the United States financial system, and they realize that the time has come to gradually get out and diversify.

America destroyed the U.S. dollar with greed, corruption and the failure on the part of politicians, lawyers and bankers to be honest. The power of the penny whose value is being regulated by the people, not by the government, will gradually purge all phony pillars of political power.

China is growing at rates of 10-15% per annum, India is growing at 10% and African nations growing at 6-10% annual rates. This is real growth of real production of real goods and real services, not inflationary paper blips and blaps on computer screens that have no contributive value to society whatsoever.

Foreign money is no longer flowing into industrial production in America. Its’ annual growth rate has been stalled and America is saturated with problems of high prices, inflated real estate, both residential and commercial, and exorbitant executive pay and non competitive wages.

The double speakers at the government controlled media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC Universal, et al, which are all infested with government spies from the CIA, former KGB and Mossad, and perhaps a few other intelligence agencies, will try to create the illusion of a “soft landing”.

They will use up the last of their power and mouthpieces to propagandize a recession and call it something other than what it really is – a global depression.

The power of corporations, licensed by the States, to issue currency is regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and their opposite numbers at the State levels.

The powers of Banking, Insurance and Corporate Finance were once held by a tightly knit group of politicians in Washington D.C. that influenced individual state policy through the process of politics and appropriations.

This power is now completely gone and has been put back into the hands of the man on the street who understands that the value of penny can be better pegged at a dollar by the people, than the value of a dollar can be really acknowledged to be less than a penny by the politicians who are a majority of them lawyers and bankers, and who are unable to recognize the insanity which they have created for all of us.

The power of the people to conduct trades and exchanges of goods and services with the penny being pegged at a dollar in the minds of most men who meekly and humbly embrace the philosophy of abundance is now greater than ever before because of one thing alone – technology over the Internet.

Those politicians who have failed to guard the hen house and have overlooked the fox networks that have looted the industrial might of America are in for a very rude awakening. Imagine a complete cleansing of politics of all dishonesty.

What would America be like if we had honesty in government and is that even possible?

For every man, woman and child on the planet, the financial military industrial government media complex has created $30,000 in interest bearing debt which will never be repaid.
The debt you have been co-opted into will simply collapse in value as it is now collapsing because it has become too corrupt for people to trust the full faith and credit of the United States and the saying “In God We Trust” just doesn’t cut it with people who don’t mix their gods with their monies.

Only when economics is removed from politics will sanity return to the subject of free and clear economics. George Soros is one who thinks this is impossible because he is fixated on the Karl Popper theory of reflexivity.

Individual investors and corporate CEO's are becoming wiser to the mechanisms of capitalism. They are setting aside their personal desires for the short term and seriously looking at the long term impact of their participation in what has become a dead end form of capitalism.

Money created out of thin air by credit card issuers, banks, savings and loans, and investment bankers, with interest tacked on, is disappearing much more rapidly than the nine decades it took to create $500 trillion in high interest global debt instruments, the majority of which are derivative instruments which have no value whatsoever and no guarantees behind them at al.

Hyper inflation is no longer a threat; it has become a reality that foreign central banks are slowly coming to realize must come to an end lest their own economies suffer and collapse faster than America is currently in a state of, right at this very moment.

The arrogance of America has led to corruption not only in the United States but in Japan, Germany, Britain, and India. The troubles in the Middle East are fomented by this corrupt Octodragon which is paralyzing the global economy.

Many more trillions in funds electronically funneled into the global financial system, borrowed from banks, which has fueled a decade long artificial boom in the global equity markets, global real estate prices, but kept real earnings and wages artificially low, will lose $80 trillion in value during the next few months, and none of it is ever going to be repaid. That is how fast this is really happening if you have not noticed.

Over the past decade over $50 trillion in inflated values have disappeared back into the thin air from whence they originated and in the past 24 months have been recreated twice over out of thin air through the actions of the financial military industrial government media complex. The cycle of boom and bust cannot be controlled no matter how hard politicians, lawyers and bankers try.

The world will never be free and fully democratic as long as we continue to subscribe to the old way of creating money, which has served its purpose, but which has become functionally obsolete.

America has become a third world nation in the global scheme of unity, peace and harmony. America is the bad boy of planet earth and has been spanked, but its’ name is mud.

No American can stand up and honestly shout – “I am an honest human being”…that is how pervasive the corruption in America has become.

The big joke among foreigners who live in America and see what is really happening is that they know Americans cannot see from their own blindness because they have log jams of wealth in their eyeballs – wealth that is illusory, short sighted, and fleeting so quickly that you better get your money out and into pennies before its too late.

There is no nation on earth that can say that their money is backed by anything more than confidence and the confidence games of sovereign nations is swiftly crumbling as the power of the internet educates those who want to know what is really going on.

You’ve got a bunch of moronic people called bankers running around creating pieces of electronic paper out of thin air – calling it money and then moving earth, moon and stars to maintain that illusion.

The bankers hire the lawyers to create a government that marshals people into believing that war and just causes for killing others is a good thing and then they are used as fool tools to take over foreign lands, kill innocent women and children, and destroy the meek who seek a peek at peace.

The bankers rule the government, defend and attack with its military strength, control all armaments including your local neighborhood gun dealers, they finance all research and development driving out independent thinking and inventions or buy them up so they are not used to destroy what they have already established, and they maintain the illusion with slick advertising, public relations gimmicks and staged events like 911 to keep everyone at bay, in line, ignorant and under the influence of the Octodragon.

Stakeholders are being both diluted and deluded, after which they are crying foul and blowing their whistles far and wide. Diluted in the sense that firms going bankrupt wind up converting their debt into equity held by the banks and financiers, who in turn restructure and refloat their stocks to the unwary investing public.
All corporations are really figments of the legal imagination. The bankers and lawyers invented them as tools of capitalism and gave them “personhood” so they can be sued, but an individual cannot represent a corporation in Federal Courts unless they are admitted to practice by the American Bar Association. Isn’t that a big conflict of interest Mr. Attorney General of the United States? Who does that ruling really benefit?

All investors are deluded in the sense that there is a constant promotion of false value in terms of currency prices relative to earnings. Value is not determined by real evaluations of net present worth but by hype and political circumstance. Despite efforts to get back to the fundamentals, Wall Street is still trying to sell Main Street on the idea that we can all get back to business as usual.

This time it is not happening. Banker’s heads are rolling in the streets as the common man wakes up to the fact that these people are nothing more and nothing less than the most sophisticated professional organized crime syndicate in the world. If ever there was a Mafia, the bankers are it.

Those getting in early, at the behest of the investment bankers, tend to get out early. This is the essence of capitalism. The greater fool theory. The international derivatives market is a perfect example of passing the buck (risk) to the next greater fool.

Unfortunately the music has died, so Bye Bye - Miss American Pie, the levy in New Orleans broke with my Chevy being chased by the Court Jester who stole my crown, but the levy is now dry- so Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

Entire global corporate legal professions are under fire for fraud as a result of whistleblowers who have sought to obtain “get out of jail free cards”, such as the group of lawyers recently fired from the Justice Department, the one’s about to be fired at the SEC, and the former lawyers who worked for Milberg and Weiss, a single corporate suit happy dark suited law firm that took advantage of giant holes in the financial system of corporations and banks and sucked $45 billion in cash out of the market.

Where all those lawyers spent or invested that money is anyone’s guess, but if those lawyers made that much money, why didn’t they pay down on the national debt?

Because the lawyers are the one’s who created the complications in the system in the first place to make the money that you the commoner cannot because you are not educated enough in the language of legalese in order to commandeer $45 billion dollars in one career.

A comedy group in Los Angeles calling itself “BARC”, made from the first words of “Bank Activities Reform Commission”, has been investigating mortgage fraud in United States for the past 30 years and will be sending a full report to the American Citizens For Honesty in Government, a Church of Scientology front organization to see what it does with the information.

The bankers have even hired and control the psychiatric profession to such an extent that your civil liberties can be taken away if you come out and say anything bad or wrong about the evil empire which the bankers have built out of thin air and which they foist upon our lives in a daily barrage of propaganda designed to give pablum to the masses.

In another story being developed by this author related to the Church of Scientology and the United States Central Intelligence Agency, it has been rumored by sources close to the upper echelons of our government that classified documents could reveal that the Church of Scientology, which is raking in about $10 billion a year world wide through more than a thousand different fronts, was taken over by the CIA in 1977 and has since then gained “tax exempt status”.

Market manipulation exists at every level of corporate America, at all levels of government, in our entertainment, our schools, even our Churches. Even the churches have been turned into corporations, the capitalist tools of bankers and lawyers – they all fall down!

Whether on the bullish side or the bearish, it all depends upon who you know, who you are connected to, and who you are paying off and in what legal, illegal or unethical manner.

The general investing public is getting wise and tired of all this over the past six years and with the coming out soon of the documentary film “The Penny King”, even more people will realize what fools we all have really been.

The rest of the world has woken up to the fact that the U.S. dollar is worth 13,000% less today than it was a hundred years ago and despite short term manipulations, the long range trend is toward extinction.

We are not all frogs in a bucket of butter waiting to be boiled slowly to death. We are all intelligent humans with the capability of generating infinite intelligence. Remember that the next time you go to buy a gallon of gas or see a penny lying on the ground or a fellow human asks you for just a penny to help him out of his own personal financial depression.
In the end, Europe, Britain and China may need to bail out America from her current state of financial, economic and industrial collapse, and the United States may need to become part of the European Union as part of that bailout while co-opting all of South America in order to shut up Chavez and Iran.

That may be the only way that some global governments can rebuild after 200,000 troops go home from Iraq next year, and another 200,000 people now working in government jobs at the lower levels are laid off, collect unemployment, and later fall into the welfare lines.

That is currently the biggest upheaval in the making that mainstream media is only now, after many years of scandals and corruption surfacing exposures is taking notice.

The fact that the penny, because of its copper content alone is worth more than its face value, has caught the attention of billions of people and even though the U.S. Government has shot itself in the foot in millions of ways in order to perpetuate the perception that government is good, it is nothing close to it. Government has never been able to stop everyone from doing anything that is right, just, and which they are capable of doing.

In fact government is the most vile and evil thing facing humans today, second only to the bankers and the lawyers who have all fallen down, but who financed it all – the wars, the powers, the privileges, the licenses, the certifications, the awards, the laws, the governments, the tax laws, all of it was created by the bankers who hired the lawyers to create the illusions called corporations and money.

No government is better than any government and self government of the self is the best standard rule provided it is backed by an education system stronger than the military system, which our governments are not.

Government intervention will not restore lost confidence in a system which has been crumbling from fraud and deception and has served only those who put the systems into place.

The majority of politicians and heads of major financial industrial and media companies in America are lawyers or come from a legal background. This “club of the law” puts on airs of respectability but is more ruthless than the very criminal clients they represent.

Invisible Bankers, whether on the equity or debt side of the equation, control the legal profession, no matter which way you toss the coins.

The legal profession drafts and makes the laws through a complex system of legislative morass the ordinary citizen cannot even begin to comprehend, as it is shrouded in secrecy through specialized definitions of legal jargonized words only a lawyer could understand and when finally published for consumption is more complex than the anatomy of an entire galaxy. Just try studying the IRS Code, the Commercial Code, or the Statutes of Any State.

States, cities, counties, corporations, non=-profit foundations, these are all figments of the lawyer’s imaginations and you have been duped into believing they exist because someone put a label on them. If you don’t agree with them – if you truly look at them they will have no basis in your own reality and they will all just simply disappear over night.

That is the real reason it is called “Wall Street” and the more you deal with a broker, the broker you get, whether on the macro level or the micro level.

Whether it is a money broker, a stock broker, or a bankers broker, if you don’t have a license to create money out of thin air – and you do business with those who do – you will go broke sooner than later.

The Wall Street brokers are the dupes of the engines of finance that keep the corruption machine in place and operational behind the wall or screen that keeps the invisible bankers and their wealthy families in phony political power out of sight and out of your mind – even though they lost their minds many generations ago and don’t think about the effects they create on others as they manipulate the markets with professionally produced propaganda.

What is lost through the general ignorance of the populace is that all lawyers and bankers are simply middle men. Why would you lend your hard earned capital to a bank, which hires lawyers to regulate its' value, gives you a negative return on your money, while charging your relatives, your associates and your entire network of acquaintances a much higher price for using your very own money?

Why not just eliminate the corporate bankers and lawyers and loan the money directly interest free to your friends, relatives, neighbors and create greater good will, rather than more of all that stress that comes from the impossibility of repaying interest bearing debt?

Why do business with anyone who takes your penny and immediately has the power and right under license from a government which is supposed to work for you, not for its own selfish ends or those of the bankers, to add twelve more pennies in loans to its books.
Why not instead save all your pennies, dump all your dollars, tighten up your belt, stop using credit and federal reserve notes (those two alone create growth in the economy) to make purchases and only use pennies pegged at 100 times their face value at the Penny King’s Kingdom of Pen Bank of Pen because of their real copper and nickel content when you conduct all your private transactions?

Use pennies to settle your debts with all those crooks and criminals who operate the banking system now in place? If you cannot see our money system as a criminal enterprise, then you must be either one of them or you are as hoodwinked as the rest of the captains of industry who have sailed us into this hurricane of financial maelstrom.

What is needed, not only in the United States, but around the world, is a global central clearing bank, not owned or controlled by vested interests, but run and administered for the people, by the people, and created from the people, bypassing all existing dysfunctional systems in place eventually replacing our current system of capitalism which benefits the greatest good for the greatest number using interest free money for all.

Only the Internet makes this possible now for over two billion people and growing. 30% of the world’s population is now interconnected to each of us via the Internet.

By the year 2010, more than half the world will be connected by the Internet and technology which allows humans to send messages without a mouse, a keypad, or voice activation and will soon allow humans to communicate using their thoughts alone.

This global central bank, which I would name the Bank of Infinite Freedom or something along those lines, would re-establish a global standard of weights and measures for all forms of issuance, and provide debt financing at zero interest, yet would still charge a fee to cover its expenses in global administration. That fee could be as low as 1% of the amount borrowed and still create global gradual egalitarian growth.

It may be that China, Britain and Europe will have to lead in the formation of this globalized central bank to bail out America, to prevent them from losing the $450 trillion in hedged bets that have been foisted onto them by Wall Street slick sucker men, who are merely the pawns for the greatest fool theory. The greatest fool in the world is the man who is insane and doesn’t know it.

The next intelligent fool is the person who is insane but knows it. Anyone who is sane and understands how to analyze data and connect the dots and figure it all out and then come up with a better mousetrap, why that man or woman surely could be a genius because as my close Hungarian friend Bino recently said, “there is a fine line between genius and insanity.”

A gradual evolutionary process could eventually eliminate all forms of speculation, greed, and false prophets (analysts) from a truly free market, for what is perceived to be a free market in democratic nations is in reality highly controlled by those phony pillars that practice power politics.

The concept for such a global central bank has been supported by financiers like George Soros, a philanthropist and philosopher who is overly influenced by Karl Popper’s theories of reflexivity, and other banking industrialists such as Dee Hock inventor of the Chaordic Theory.

These types of forward thinking and wealthy players in the banking sector will surely influence billions of others in their decisions of where to put their money and how to invest it during the upheavals which we are just now beginning to experience.

They have already laid the foundations for the future liquidity of the rest of the system, public and private. The entire population of more than 800 million Middle Eastern citizens of the world supports the zero interest paradigms for investing, lending and economic expansion under their current religious and moral laws.

That type of system is anti-pathetic to the system of capitalism which has raped and pillaged Native America, all of Europe, and all of the developed countries in the world over the past 2,500 years.

It was not until man could come up with the technology that would create and manage a just and equitable financial system that the concepts of free money, free economics, “Freenomics” and “Infinitology” could flourish and prosper.

It is not ethical to loan money and charge interest. It is a serious crime against humanity and the effects of that practice are being felt by every man woman and child on this planet at this time.

Such an internationally cooperative central bank would eventually become the global lender of last resort.

You are witness to the Enronian style collapses of financial institutions which are being covered up through the illusory process of mergers and acquisitions, that gradually become exposed further in their bribery scandals entwined with corrupt government lawyers who use the media and the power of the internet to misdirect attention from their phony pillars of power politics.
While corrupt politicians, bankers and lawyers are gradually and consistently being purged by those who communicate the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, we are all consistently helped along by the Infinite Infinitor of Infinities, the subject of “An Introduction to Infinitology – A Study of the Infinite” soon to be published by this author in 2008.

Proponents of this new zero interest capitalism have focused the attention of the public on what's wrong with the current system through independent journalism, rather than the mainstream, and it may take a few more months to purge the rest of those phony pillars that keep a defunct and dying system in place.

The Penny King is not just a documentary funny dramatic movie about some man who buys up pennies for a dollar each and creates a global panic about the US dollar, making a trillion dollars in one day with his good friends Bill Gates, George Soros, and Warren Buffet through a single article published online by the one man who knows he is bigger than the forest and the trees combined, but much smaller than the Infinite Infinitor of Infinities, his main backer.

As you are tantamount to directly witnessing certain events taking place globally, you will eventually know that we all did it for the greatest good of all concerned, after all, the future of money is all that is at stake, and that future is subject to infinite diversification.

Come January 2008, we will know whether Ron Paul will be backed by Gates, Soros and Buffet, and when the Fed and the IRS are abolished, I know one man who vowed in his book “Confessions of a Sex-Crazed Money Man” to pay all his debts to society once that was accomplished and not a minute sooner.

Copyright © 2006 by Alex S. Gabor, All World Copy Rights Reserved. Photo Courtesy Alex S. Gabor Syndicate. All World Rights Reserved. This article is an excerpt from Alex S. Gabor’s work, “Bonanza: How to Make a Killing During a Global Economic Depression.,” which is currently being planned for release shortly after the primary results are in.