Thursday, November 8, 2007

Comment on Journal Register Post

From the author of off the beaten path investments:

"your post on JRC was especially interesting to me as I have been watching the larger newspaper stocks for over a year but was not aware of JRC and its problems .....based on your post i am going to do my own work on JRC ....i am thinking about a long short trade ...going short JRC and MNI and long BLC and NYT"
My comment on newspaper stocks:

JRC was definitely the worst of breed. I covered JRC last week in the low 2.20s. I wouldn't want to own it but I would rather be short BKUNA.

I am actually short NYT. You should look into how the dual classes of stock allow the B share holders to finance their propaganda by leveraging capital of the ignorant institutional A share investors. Morgan Stanley recently realized this.

I don't think I would pair newspaper stocks as the entire sector is obsolete. Imagine being paired on adding machine companies when it became clear that computers would replace them.

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