Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Walk Away

What do you do if you are underwater on your house? You walk away.

1. We will stop your mortgage company from calling you.
2. You will immediately know the exact amount of days you have to live in your house payment free. ... We also will notify you if the lender is taking longer than expected subsequently giving you more time in your home payment free.
3. You will be enrolled in our affiliate credit repair plan. They have removed thousands of foreclosures from their clients credit reports.
4. You get a personal consultation with one of our highly experienced Real Estate Attorneys making sure the lender followed the law perfectly. If they did not, you may have a case against them.
It's about to become "acceptable" to stop paying your mortgage simply because you are underwater.

People are going to realize that they can sell their credit score in exchange for their mortgage balance. It will be the trade of a lifetime for millions of people.


Anonymous said...

As a responsible consumer, I can't imagine wanting to walk away from a house purchase. However, considering how executives of failed lenders are treated (generally very well) I think failed borrowers should feel okay making the best decision for their own personal situation. After all, a contract is a contract and the law is the law and all that.

Mark said...

Hey, for anyone seriously considering walking away - you should check out my blog - I had to walk away in 2004, and I want to help answer some questions - http://foreclosuremine.blogspot.com/