Friday, March 28, 2008

Stop the Housing Bailout

People are getting organized to Stop The [incipient] Housing Bailout. Here's an email I got yesterday:

"We have created a website (currently hosted on NationalBubble) that is designed to be a clearinghouse of information for a movement against the bailout. The website is in its infancy, but currently consists of a statement why the bailout is wrong and several links to efforts to stop the bailout."
I don't think the Federal Government can afford to bail out the housing crash - it is too big - but that doesn't mean they won't try.


Anonymous said...


80% of the calls to our Congressmen and Senators right now are people asking them not to approve the bailout but they are not listening.

Want to make Congress start listening to the American public?

Call your representative this weekend and tell them if they pass the bailout you are going to take all of your money out of the bank.

Do not e-mail them they do not read their mail it goes through a computer that spits out number for or against an issue. Do not wait till Monday. They are planning on a vote this weekend.

Money talks and this will get their attention.

If you agree with this e-mail please forward it to your contacts. There is power in numbers.

thomson2008 said...

Of course we all want every American to own a home. But if anything has become clear over the past few years, it is that every American is simply not financially prepared to do so. The reality is that some folks must wait and save to purchase a house -- and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Congress, if its members were actually thinking, would impose strict, nationwide, iron-clad 'loan to value' ratios that would require a minimum down payment of 10% on all home loans. This requirement alone would have prevented the housing crisis.