Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Comment from Gavshire Hathaway on Calculated Risk

Bernanke and Geithner have gone all in on a massive bluff + propaganda campaign to improve investor/consumer confidence. They've stretched the bond market to the breaking point in order to create green shoots, and they've managed to convince many of the retail investors to get back into equities. And we'll soon find out whether confidence and liquidity are going to be sufficient to restore the economy to health.

Despite the recent resurgence of hope, this isn't a typical cyclical downturn. It is generational. It is the anxiously awaited grudge match of titans. Keynesian & monetarist theory vs. the deflationary debt monster. And on the sidelines we have the ticking time bombs of demographic trends, entitlements, income disparity, and industrial decline.


Business Guide said...

i think there is a need of some confidence building measures by the govt in order to see rise in business activities

eh said...

Quite the cheery post.

Largely correct, however.