Monday, September 28, 2009

Ron Paul Comments on Audit the Fed Hearing

Ever seen the Fed’s marble palace in Washington, DC, on Constitution Avenue (of all streets!)? That bunch sure knows how to live. I’ve long had a dream of being the auctioneer when the Fed is sold off for private offices, or maybe a Museum of Sound Money! Help me dull its scissors and then break them, so the Fed can’t cut down our dollar’s value. Indeed, I believe that people ought to be ashamed to work at such a place; an institution that has done so much damage to American prosperity and freedom, as well as to the freedom and prosperity of the whole world. For example, I want no more bowing and scraping to the Fed chairman when he goes to Capitol Hill to peddle his nonsense. He is just a bureaucrat, albeit a disastrous one.
Yes! I find it hysterical when people take Federal Reserve press releases and pick apart and agonize over every little word choice. "Ooh, the Fed slightly altered the wording of their bland reassurances! Oh joy!"

Please. There is a reason Alan Greenspan's comments were always unintelligible: he is a crook and he was trying to pull one over on us.

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eh said...

Yes, the popular financial media is tabloidish. I find the sycophantic attention given to the Fed particularly offensive.