Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Stopped Clock

Well, well. In its latest issue, The Economist is finally going to be right about something! Here is their article about how the MBA has been totally discredited.

The magical myth of the MBA has for some time left the facts behind.

In 2010 the decline of the MBA will cut off the supply of bullshit at source. Pretentious ideas about business will be in retreat.
My mind boggles at the irony of The Economist mentioning pretentiousness being in retreat.

But seriously, spending two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost to (ostensibly) learn simple business concepts was never going to last.


eh said...

It was always my opinion that an MBA was bullshit. But the world just did not want to come around to my point of view -- the importance and prestige attached to did not let up. If anything, all that went turbo. And so I actually began to wonder myself...

Anonymous said...

Funny comment from dealbreaker

"Master's in Finance is like a Master's in Math or Eng. or Physics without the the math, engineering or physics! Just memorize Hull and you'll be OK. Basically you pay $80K to read a book that costs $75."