Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Results of GS Conviction Buy on MGM Mirage (MGM)

MGM is down big since the bullish GS research report dated May 6 that I saw.

I consider the GS conviction buy list my personal worry free short sale hunting grounds.


JamesDavid said...

To quote our president, "Jokes Brought To You By Goldman - They Make Money Whether We Laugh Or Not"

Goldman recommends bad stocks to their clients:
"We read a Bloomberg article today that dissected the poor performance of Goldman’s trade recommendations to their clients. Seven of the investment bank’s nine “recommended top trades for 2010” have been money losers for investors who followed the New York-based firm’s advice, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from a Goldman Sachs research note sent yesterday."

YET Goldman somehow made money every single trading day this quarter. See

I guess I might as well laugh - LOL!

CP said...

I saw that article, really funny.

GS is the Cramer of I banks.