Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on China Real Estate Situation (Crash?)

From a Credit Bubble Stocks contributor:

Real estate construction must be the simplest, easiest, fastest low-skill activity for a command economy to expand in response to a big, one-time windfall such as our offshoring and borrowing.

[China's] over-all growth will slow or halt. They won't be buying any more of our debt or stockpiling any more commodities.
We here at Credit Bubble Stocks are in the Chanos camp regarding China. And we are bearish on real commodity and real estate prices, worldwide.


Mertos said...

who or what is Chanos?

CP said...

Hedge fund manager James Chanos, famous hedge fund manager who was short Enron, and who thinks that China is a big bubble. Hugh Hendry believes this too and so does Credit Bubble Stocks.

On the other side is motorcycle enthusiast Jim Rogers.