Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inside the Mind of Jim Murren, MGM Resorts (MGM) CEO

I don't think I'm going to say what my conclusions were, but this video was really helpful in getting inside MGM Resorts (MGM) CEO Jim Murren's mind.

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Brett said...

Why would a guy with architectural and city planning interests like those of (MGM) CEO Jim Murren be satisfied by associating himself with sterile transfers of money on behalf of casino gangsters?

In this regard he has no more taste or discernment about the ultimate value of the end product than Donald Trump.

He certainly hasn't withheld upkeep from MGM buildings because he is indifferent to the way they look. So why is he still there if he can't keep the buildings in good condition?

Because it's his only chance to play at being an architect and city planner, instead of being the financial analyst that he was in New York City?

Did he go to Vegas--back in 1988--because he thought he would have a big budget to design and build things?

Now he's stuck on a down escalator. It must sting him extra special that MGM looks so threadbare

He talks about making Las Vegas a world-class city. He seems not to know why cities become cities, or why cities are located where they are.

Las Vegas is where it is because it is a weekend-trip away from Los Angeles, and safely in another political jurisdiction, where government risks are lower than they are in California.

It is too specialized to be a real city. And Murren doesn't know that.