Thursday, August 5, 2010

MGM Mirage (MGM) CEO Jim Murren's "Embarrassing Biographical Glitch"

This came out last December, but I missed it. From the LVRJ:

Thinking it might make a good ice-breaker for an interview or an angle for a column, I checked the accepted online sources of information on baseball's minor leagues. Baseball is a statistically intensive game, and the growth of the Internet has been a boon to historians, numbers freaks, and earnest fans.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered no Jim Murren had ever played in the minor leagues. Not for the Phillies or any other franchise.

It gives me no pleasure to discover what can politely be described as an embarrassing biographical glitch. By all accounts the Murrens are bright and talented people.

Trouble is, it comes in the wake of the troubling tale of former MGM Mirage Chairman Terry Lanni and his faked master's degree. Of all the success Lanni enjoyed in his long career, people will remember he left the company shortly after it was discovered he had over-inflated his education and was falsely credited with an MBA from USC.

Jim Murren didn't play in the minor leagues, but he is in the big leagues of business now. As the most high-profile businessman in Nevada, every move Murren makes is scrutinized by friend and foe alike.
That's for sure!

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