Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Links: Bubbles

Good article in GQ about the New World of Social Networking. There is sort of a bubble in these internet companies again, though, and I think we may wish that we had built more nuclear power plants instead of social networking websites.

There also seems to be a bubble in farmland prices. Farming is heavily subsidized by the federal government, and when the insolvent empire eventually dries up, look for farm prices to fall by an order of magnitude.

Another bubble: Chinese day trading shops being run by "fresh college graduates."

Fiat, Chrysler to focus on natural gas vehicles for US market.

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Taylor Conant said...

The picture of the young GM of the trading house, arms crossed as if to say "I'm a serious businessman", always makes me wonder if the journalists realize how ridiculous these stories are or if they're unknowingly mocking themselves by playing into such stereotypical portrayals of the cluelessly unsustainable.