Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Front Page of USA TODAY: "Get over your fear and get back into stocks"

Not a good sign.


Taylor Conant said...

Do it because "experts agree".

Who are these braindead morons that blindly follow the advice of expert consensus?

Why does anyone read USA Today? It is worse than an 8-year-olds book report and nearly as illegible.

There's definitely no conflict of interest in the advice being given.

Journalists are probably the laziest people on the planet. This article is the smoking gun.

Taylor Conant said...


Remember the part in DOAVBY where he describes sitting at a year-end investment idea roundtable and everyone there is completely unoriginal and it devolves into a game of one-upsmanship to see who can be the most outrageously bullish?

The USA Today article reminded me of that. Everyone said buy stocks and look at the emerging markets for growth, and they all said, "Well I am a bit more bullish than the guy before me".

In my head all I could see was "!!"

CP said...

Now you see why I am bearish!

If Abby "Jo" Cohen and USA Today agree on something - it can't be right!

Who has a better track record - them or Credit Bubble Stocks?