Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Internet Bubble: "Cheezburger Network Gets $30M"

Cheezburger is a humor-oriented "blog network" that is known primarily for producing "funny pictures of cats". 

They have just raised $30 million with which to continue their important work. Nothing disclosed about revenue, earnings, or total valuation.


Eric said...

Not sure how much this really means. Except as I said before: it appears to be confirmation that there's one born every minute. Maybe more than one.

But who knows, maybe they will end up making a profit. And what else matters? Certainly not whether or not someone else thought the deal made sense at the time.

Looks like Jan might see Dow 12k. Hard as that is for me to believe as well.

CP said...

Yes, whooo knows? Maybe all anyone needs to do to be rich is make up funny captions for cat pictures?

JamesDavid said...


CP said...


Is that from the slide deck they used to pitch the VCs?