Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Sell everything, buy USD"

I think SP500 is headed to sub-1000 levels in coming months and this one will likely be the first leg of the greatest bear market you have ever seen and heard of.


Stagflationary Mark said...

I have something even better than USD! I took your taxi cab medallion comment and ran with it.

Crisis Solution: Tenderloin Medallions

Think outside the box! ;)

Taylor Conant said...


I use to follow the xTrenders as well. Attila and the boyz, right?

I realized it's frustrating to follow traders, not investors, because as soon as the lines on their charts change, so does their tune.

These guys have called a "head for your bomb shelters" moment many times.

But I am hoping this time they get it right, and stick to it!


CP said...

The permabulls and silverbugs seem to have moved on? Or maybe they don't work on weekends?

I was promised a picture of an LOLCAT in a bunker, btw.

CP said...

By the way, I did a Google search for "always goes up" and found this gem:

What does this remind you of?: December 2010!

Both will be major tops!

CP said...

More on medallions:

whydibuy said...

Oh, oh.
We better get in the bomb bunker now, before the world ends, lol.

Another chart idiot website thinking the squiggles from the past mean something in the future.

And, of course, it makes wild, dramatic calls that, if they pan out by luck, they can claim nostradomus status in the market and get alot of suckers to buy their service.
If it bombs, as usual, its quickly forgotten, like credit bubbles predictions in july that the market was going alot lower and to load up short.

If credit bubble actually acted on his nonsensical ideas, he would have been bust several times over. And if the chart idiots are so right, why tell the public? Just bet with the magic charts and get rich. Why are there no rich chart readers?

Just some things to think about while you're hiding out in cb's bomb bunker, lol.

getyourselfconnected said...

The markets will not fall more than 10% ever again. Not in the script.

whydibuy said...

Where are all the gloomsters today??

Up nearly 100 points and the bears are deep within their bomb bunkers, LOL.

Eric, you said wait till next week. Well, its next week and what am I seeing? A bull market, baby!!

Gotta love this blog for the comedy content. Bears are always a joke.

Eric said...

Eric, you said wait till next week.

Actually, what I said was:

What happens next week will be interesting.

That's it. Nothing else.

Stop being an obnoxious jerk, however difficult that may be for you.

CP said...

I think the bunker needs drinks and live music.

And some framed LOLcat pictures.

JamesDavid said...