Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short Selling of S&P 500 Stocks Falls to One-Year Low

There’s a lack of volatility, which makes it tough to short on a daily basis, and the upward momentum means it’s a losing proposition to bet against stocks in the longer term.”


whydibuy said...

Its gonna craaaaaash!! Everyone into the bomb bunker. See, the markets are just crashing...., er, I mean going higher. OOPS.

We need to see a post by the blogger saying " I'm a total idiot. Don't listen to what I say since I should be collecting empty bottles for the deposits and not commenting on something I know nothing about, namely stocks. "

Eric said...

Understandable: the market is trending up, dips are still being bought fairly aggressively. Some palpable nervousness, though; but that's been there all along -- 'Wall of Worry' I guess.