Friday, January 14, 2011

Super High Call Buying

Not that anyone cares, but the cboe equity put call ratio so far today is 0.4 which is really low.


Taylor Conant said...


I, for one, definitely do not care.

Now, please stop distracting me from my dip-buying. I was about to put on an excellent momentum trade when you came in hollering about put-call ratios and your depressing doom and gloom nonsense.

CP said...

Hey, Mr. Momentum, where were you for this trade?:

Now, that's momentum!!

whydibuy said...

Boy, the bears get a drop of water with cstr and they're hyping it for all they can get,lol.

Hey gloomers, that is just one isolated incident. Don't make the mistake of extrapolating it out to every stock in the market.

Market sure got upset over that one stock today, didn't it? OOPS, up 50 points. Better luck next time, gloomers.

Eric said...

A rising tide lifts all boats, not to mention a lot of flotsam. So yes, many crap stocks -- which may describe more or less of the market, depending on your point of view -- are screaming -- rising on momentum. And every day you do get a strong whiff of risk. But the market's going up, and you don't want to get too much in the way of that.