Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Turner Chief Explains How TV Industry Will Neutralize Netflix" (NFLX)

Important article on Netflix (NFLX) at

If there was ever any doubt that the animus towards Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) runs deeper throughout Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) than chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes, get a load of what one of his top lieutenants had to say...
Addressing what he called “the elephant in the room,” Kent singled out Netflix as the fly in the ointment when it came to the syndicated acquisitions two of his biggest cable properties, TBS and TNT, count on as key to their businesses.
Nicasurfer has a good post about NFLX, "There are to many headwinds for this stock for me not to short it".

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Eric said...

He should learn the use cases for to and too.

I guess on the surface NFLX appears to be an attractive short. But that doesn't always work out, at least in the short run. And if you get the timing wrong -- a strong possibility with a stock like NFLX -- it can be difficult to hang in there for the long run.