Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HUGE Rally in the Yen (FXY)

The sell-off in USD/JPY this evening is one of the top 5 largest moves ever for USD/JPY.

This is a huge rally in yen: up over 3 percent today.

There are a lot of people who plan their lives around the yen never going up this much. They short the yen and buy other stuff (e.g. risky/junk assets and currencies). They may be forced unwinders tomorrow. Could be ugly.


Joe Nelson said...

What do you think might get hit with a sell off? The hot money spots of the last 6 months?

CP said...

I am looking at the 13Fs of known Yen abusers.

But, yes, the hedge fund hotels and carry trade assets.

I would call for a "crash watch" - this could potentially create a lot of volatility and forced unwinding.

CP said...

anony mouse said...

I didn't think this was as popular anymore because the spread was much lower than 2007-2008.

PS, where is our favorite levered long whydibuy? Notably quiet these last few days.

CP said...

I think it's still a 5% spread vs AUD, but I'm not a carry trader.

I'm not sure he ever responded to the request for everyone's favorite long idea.