Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Bearish Consensus about Bonds (TLT)

It's fascinating to look at what retail/daytraders are saying about bonds on twitter.

  • Looking to short $TLT at dependent. I think Ben has lost control to the bond sitch.
  • Have ended the day with a larger equity exposure via calls, and higher $TLT put positons...
  • Closed the $TLT 94 puts for a 10 cent loss and used that premium to add to $TLT 95 puts
  • If $TLT doesnt drop too much at the open, planning to increase short position..either $TLT 94 puts or $TBT calls for today
  • i hope everyone sold their $TLT today @ what i believe to be the short term top @ $95.63 ...$TLT...sell...sell..sell
The consensus is pretty bearish, just like the professional investor consensus.

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