Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Links

The drought in China has caused the great Yangtze river to dry up enough that the 3 Gorges Dam has had to unleash some of its precious horde of water, to re float sections of the river bed.

Impact of "bailout" on Greek debt yields. Yield on the 10 year down only 40 bps. Big deal!

Food stamp participation hits new high. Up 11% year over year!

ZH: "Chicago PMI Plummets From 67.6 To 56.6, Biggest Monthly Drop Since Lehman Bankruptcy"

Economist: Do it the Nordic Way. Greece should default and get it over with.


Joe Nelson said...

A couple of weeks ago I walked through a farmer's market in Union Square and saw signs advertising things like, "Do you qualify for food stamps?" and "Apply now for food stamps!". It was a little surreal considering it didn't look like these folks were part of any government agency.

And since this was Union Square, who were they going to get to sign up? Yuppies, tourists, teenagers and hipsters?

CP said...

You'll enjoy these links:



Joe Nelson said...

Hah! I think you might find this link amusing:


Food stamp / Netflix pairs trade?