Monday, February 20, 2012



Taylor Conant said...

Based on my personal experience I've always found the people who willfully neglect sleep to be highly irresponsible and careless individuals. There is this belief (philosophical in nature) in our society and many others that lack of sleep is something that occurs as a natural result of working hard and intensely on something-- really, it's just a sign that a person is careless in how they prioritize and budget their time.

Just like cheering someone who is drunk, would we cheer someone who is so "dedicated to their work" that they stopped eating and began losing weight, for example?

I think it's all part of the "noble sacrifice" philosophy, which in our culture is a direct result of the mindless acceptance of Judeo-Christian mythologies.

CP said...

Also, I don't believe the puff profiles of CEOs that say they only sleep four hours a night and get up at 3 am to jog and read the newspaper.