Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Links

  • AONE: "A123 Plans $39M Cash Raise as It Struggles to Survive. The lithium-ion battery maker says it only has 4 to 5 months of cash left."
  • Follow up on my electric vehicle post - the Google car: "Two things seem particularly interesting about Google's approach. First, it relies on very detailed maps of the roads and terrain, something that Urmson said is essential to determine accurately where the car is. Using GPS-based techniques alone, he said, the location could be off by several meters."
  • Everything's smaller in NYC: "Could apartments in New York City get any smaller? Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes so. On Monday he announced a competition for architects to submit designs for apartments measuring just 275 to 300 square feet..."
  • Real estate bullish case [pdf]: "The first-quarter housing vacancy rate survey shows the number of occupied households increased by 1.011 million units over the last year, with the number of renter-occupied homes rising by 1.503 million units and the number of owner-occupied homes falling by 491,000 units. Two prominent trends apparent in this shift are the recent mobilization of investors to purchase foreclosed homes and convert them into rentals and the larger number of young persons choosing to rent because their employment prospects remain uncertain."
  • DDI: "Patriot Coal Bankruptcy: Hidden Value for the 8.25% Guaranteed Notes?"
  • Dalio: "After leaving its rivals in the dust for the past two years with mouth-watering double-digit returns, Bridgewater is now trailing them. Its flagship fund, Pure Alpha, fell 2.7 percent in 2012’s first half."

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