Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"American Commercial Lines to Begin Transporting Canadian Crude Oil by Inland Barge for MEG Energy" ($CNRD)

American Commercial Lines just put out a press release saying that it will begin transporting crude oil by barge on the U.S. inland waterways for MEG Energy.

"Crude oil will arrive primarily via pipeline and will be transferred to barges at storage terminals located on the inland waterways for transport by ACL to the Gulf Coast.

ACL is dedicating new tank barges built by its manufacturing division Jeffboat into service for MEG Energy, as well as towboats newly repowered and refurbished for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Barges are an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. One tank barge has the cargo capacity of 46 rail cars or 144 trucks, an incredible economy of scale that provides significant economic savings."
Increased transportation of petroleum liquids via inland waterways is one of the bullish trends for Conrad that should last the next couple years.

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