Sunday, January 27, 2013

Very Interesting Bronte Post on Herbalife ($HLF)

We all saw the hilarious "debate" last week between Ackman and Icahn on Herbalife. I don't have a position, but Bronte visited an Herbalife store/club/location and reports with very interesting (bullish) observations:

"It was striking how totally Bill Ackman's thesis fell apart from observing for just a few hours in a nutrition club.

The best way of analysing Herbalife that I can find is as alcoholics anonymous for fat (and very often Hispanic) people. I joke: 'my name is Jose and I am fat'.

Herbalife works in the same way as alcoholics anonymous – by supplying (and in this case selling) a support group to help you kick the 'fat addiction'."
You have to be careful about shorting something because you personally think the product is dumb. There's plenty of dumb people out there who will buy dumb products.

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