Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Night


"Gordon Chang appeared on CNBC on Friday, noting the troubling difference between exports reported by China to other countries and imports reported by other countries from China, as well as the gap between low cargo numbers and high reported export numbers. In response, the CNBC anchor said – and I am not making this up – 'You know Gordon, I agree with you, but let me take a different tac[k] on this, alright? Let’s say you believe that China is making up the numbers. But if the stock market there keeps going up because of it, and you believe the government will keep priming the numbers, isn’t that sort of a reason to bet on the Chinese stock market?'"
"One could say that Al Gore adds dubious value on his various boards and venture investments, as his main value consists of knowing the right regulators and big government contractors, crony capitalism, which is much more destructive than those dreaded limit orders that are often cancelled."


John said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

CP said...

Which one?

John said...

The remarks on CNBC.

CP said...

Ah, yes.

Obviously, the underlying resource constraint in the world is government economic numbers, not energy.