Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WSJ: "Chinese Solar Approach Faces Test - Panel Maker's Bond Deadline Will Show if Aid Continues" ($STP)

WSJ finally takes note of the STP bond maturity:

A major test of China's promise to consolidate its solar-panel makers looms this month when one of the industry's biggest companies faces a deadline for a steep bond payment.

In December, China's State Council, or cabinet, signaled it would stop funding money-losing domestic solar-panel makers, which are caught up in a global downturn for the industry, and instead encourage mergers among its major companies. It also indicated it would ban local governments from supporting them and allow the market to determine winners and losers.[...]

Although the Chinese government will likely provide financial help to keep Suntech's factories operating and its workers employed, it is unclear whether China would 'bail out American investors who simply got into the wrong company,' said Pavel Molchanov [...who] predicted that Suntech will have to restructure its debt and that shareholders will end up with little or nothing."
Ban local governments from supporting them. Hello? Why does anyone think there are going to be bailouts? What possible benefit would giving money to U.S. investors provide the Chinese?

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