Monday, May 6, 2013


The advantage of being at an activity hub:

"It’s naive to think of labor costs as China’s chief advantage in hardware manufacturing. The main advantage of being at the center of the supply chain is the iteration speed it permits. Need to find a particular part to fit a particular housing? Just blew a board and need a replacement part? Looking for a variation of a certain component? Then literally walk across the street and go get it. Even if you’re in the heart of the Silicon Valley sitting inside a TechShop that’s not possible. Looking for a segmented LED display? How about browsing through a case full of 75 different ones on the spot. Not sure about using the part in production? Talk to the factory rep and maybe jump in a car to see the factory line."


Rob Dawg said...

And never you worry about no intellectual property rights. By the time the owners due compensation find out you will be on version 3.0 and as likely to be able to sue them.

jHurt said...

remind me your email address. have a trading opp I want to run by you.

jHurt said...

alternatively - i'm at