Friday, August 23, 2013

Chinese Source Articles For Yesterday's Suntech Post

More details in a comment on yesterday's Suntech post:

This post is a good translation of a summary of news reports from 中国能源报 (China Energy Review which can be found on many sites, such as
Rough translation from Google Translate confirms the analysis that the correspondent sent in.

For example, this article seems to argue that of the four bidders mentioned, at least one is imaginary, and the two photovoltaic companies make no sense because Suntech's only asset is the brand, something that an existing well known PV company obviously would have no need for.

Glad to see that this blog is becoming something of a clearinghouse for Suntech news stories. Ordinarily, a defaulted company would be restructured in bankruptcy court where you would be seeing monthly financials and status updates. But Suntech management doesn't feel like it has to publish something as simple as a forbearance agreement.

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