Friday, October 18, 2013

Anybody Home At Suntech II? ($STP)

Apparently Suntech is still not answering any of the phone lines associated with its San Francisco office e.g. (415) 882-9922 today. Nor have there been any press release or Form 6-K updates about the involuntary bankruptcy filing or anything else.

A Credit Bubble Stocks correspondent writes regarding a contact who

"just called me from the 10th floor of 71 Stephenson. He said they are gone from that space. Two desks in reception area, no computers on the desks, no paper around. In the floor lobby around the elevator, you can see where the logo used to be and it was ripped off the wall. The security guard said they moved to 575 [Market] a couple of months ago. They had the whole floor at 71 Stephenson, which looks like it is about 15K foot from google maps..."
Will post the pictures and update about 575 Market when we hear.


Anonymous said...

In addition to the 6-K, Suntech has to file a 2012 annual report and years of restated financials by Halloween.

Maybe someone can get an update on the involuntary bankruptcy situation from Ryan Scott Ulrich, Suntech's deadbeat Head of Investor Relations?

Phone: +86 510 8531 8654
Twitter: @ryanscottulrich

Anonymous said...

Which address was the involuntary BK summons sent to?

Anonymous said...

They would also have to provide financials (statements & schedules) to do a voluntary bankruptcy, which is one possible reason why they haven't.