Friday, October 4, 2013

Scott versus Amundsen

A correspondent writes in about R.F. Scott,

"Robert Falcon Scott was truly brave, but his South Pole expedition failed and ended in his death. Roald Amundsen, the first to reach the South Pole and return alive, was truly brave and truly well-organized. Scott maneuvered himself into a death trap using System D and a lack of awareness of local conditions and available tools and techniques. Amundsen made his polar trip look almost like a regular mail delivery route."
When Amundsen heard the news, he said "I would gladly forgo any honour or money if thereby I could have saved Scott his terrible death."

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whydibuy said...

A silly, exaggerated comment by Amundsen which is meant to heighten his own glory and honor.
To make such a statement about a past event and one of which you never could interject yourself shows what I mean.

Hey, maybe I, too, should get in the act by saying I would give up my money and achievements if only I could have saved John Kennedy his terrible death.