Friday, November 1, 2013


"Forget your old health plan. It was placed in the trunk of a Prius at 3 AM this morning, taken to a frozen lake outside an organic poultry plant in Minnesota and shot twice in the head. It was a bad plan. It has transitioned to no longer being a plan. We have a better plan for you."


Taylor Conant said...

It is a sad false dichotomy we're all being fooled into arguing about, yet again. Now you are either a fan of the Old System with it's shitty, heavily regulated "private" insurance networks, or you're a fan of the New System with it's shitty, state controlled "insurance" network.

No one is even talking about the alternative of neither an Old System or a New System but rather just the market and whatever it happens to serve up.

Portlander said...


The whole time Obamacare was being talked about and debated back in 2009-2010, I kept saying everyone is fixated on health insurance. It's an absolute red herring. I don't give two figs about health insurance, no one does. It's healthcare that matters.

From the looks of everything I've seen, we're going to end up with the UK model.