Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Leaked company memo from Yahoo HQ shows even employees refuse to use Yahoo email"

"Following thousands of complains from furious users following a redesign in October, it has now been revealed that Yahoo mail is not even resonating among company employees, with only 25 per cent using it as their email destination, according to a leaked memo"
The redesign was totally botched. It looks like there is a principal-agent problem with these web companies (GOOG, YHOO) where the best thing for shareholders (and users/customers!) would be for the user interfaces of the sites to be left alone once they are completed. But management and the programmers employed benefit from constant tweaking of the features in order to justify their employment.

If Yahoo need something to do, why don't they fix Yahoo finance so that historical quotes and the message boards do not vanish when a company files for bankruptcy?

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