Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Maximizing Outcomes in Upcoming Asia Restructurings" ?!

Found the agenda for the Latham & Watkins seminar last week where Suntech was discussed. Wish I could have been present at the fancy Hong Kong digs. One of the keynote speakers was Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse Of China.

The attendees and speakers were restructuring consultants, lawyers, investment banks, accounting firms, and real estate developers. Get a load of the program:

  • Clash of the Analysts: Is China Headed Towards a Lehman Style Credit Crisis?
  • Bubbles and Ghost Cities: What is Really Happening in China’s Real Estate Sector?
  • How Exposed Are Holders of Offshore Chinese Bonds? Lessons From Sino Forest and Asia Aluminium
  • What Are the Opportunities for Private Equity During a Period of Stress in Asia?
  • Suntech: Test for China’s Bankruptcy Law?
  • Restructurings in Southeast Asia and India: What Are The Key Issues?
  • Maximizing Outcomes for Debtors and Investors: Hard Earned Lessons From Recent European and Middle East Restructurings
  • Rescue Financing: Is the Market Ready to Provide Financing to Distressed Asian Companies? Are the Legal Structures in Place to Protect Investors?
  • Do Distressed Debt Investors Help or Hurt? The Role of Such Investors in Upcoming Asia Restructurings
  • Resolution Schemes for Financial Institutions in Asia
Uh... do they know something we don't?! What are the "upcoming Asia restructurings"? Which financial institutions are going to need "resolution schemes"?

Might this have something to do with the China credit bubble and the Chinese "ghost cities"?

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