Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Suntech Comment Thread


Anonymous said...

Mr. Weiping Zhou resigned as a director of the Company, interim Chief Executive Officer, interim Chief Financial Officer, and President on Jan. 7th 2014.

Mr. Zhou used to work for Guolian and was assigned by Wuxi government as CEO of Suntech Holding back in 2013. It is interesting to note that Wuxi Suntech administrator and court also stated on Jan. 7th that Suntech Japan and Singapore transfer is legal and properly done. Does this mean that Suntech liquidator and Wuxi court/government's conflict have escalated to such a level that Zhou had to leave? If so, it seems that Guolian's proposed investment in Suntech holding will not be possible because Guolian is owned by Wuxi government.

This new management change can also negatively impact 1/30 Chapter 7 hearing and NYSE delisting appeal.

Does it explain the unusual millions of bond activities on 1/7? Someone knew this then?

Any thoughts?

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