Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fuel Efficiency - The New Aluminum F-150


To the casual observer, the anticipated 3 mpg (20%) increase gained by Ford's high-tech "light weighting" (a term of art) may seem marginal, but I assure you it is a figure of immediate and national consequence.

Now reckon with the Big Multiplier: 763,000. That is the number of F-series trucks Ford sold last year, a figure that on its own would make the F-series the seventh largest vehicle company in the U.S. market. By virtue of the hundreds of millions of miles rolled up by the F-series annually, you are looking at the single biggest real-world advance in fuel economy in any vehicle since the Arab oil embargo.
Partly why the futures curve has $80 oil in three years?

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eah said...

The F-series is just that - a series. How many of the 763k were F-150s? And does Ford have plans to build other - ie heavier, I believe the F-150 is the smallest - F-models using aluminum frames?