Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Estimated Recovery Of USEC Notes According to Disclosure Statement $USU

From the disclosure statement filed today.

"Each holder of an Allowed Noteholder Claim will receive, on the Distribution Date and in full satisfaction, settlement, release, discharge of, in exchange for, and on account of such Allowed Noteholder Claim, its Pro Rata share of (i) the New Noteholder Common Stock, (ii) Cash equal to the amount of the interest accrued at the non-default rate on the Old Notes from the date of the last interest payment made by the Debtor before the Petition Date to the Effective Date and (iii) the Majority New Notes.

The Plan defines the New Noteholder Common Stock as 79.04% of the New Common Stock to be issued under the Plan, subject to dilution on account of the New Management Incentive Plan. The New Noteholder Common Stock will be issued in the form of Class A Common Stock as described in the New USEC Charter.

The Majority New Notes are the New Notes in the aggregate principal amount of $200.00 million, to be issued by the Reorganized Debtor under, and having the terms set forth in, the New Indenture, which Majority New Notes will have the benefit of the Limited Subsidiary Guaranty and the Subsidiary Security Agreement.

All distributions on account of Allowed Noteholder Claims with be subject to the Indenture Trustee’s Charging Lien in the event of any unpaid Indenture Trustee Expenses, in accordance with the Plan. A summary of the material provisions of the New Noteholder Common Stock, the New Management Incentive Plan and the Majority New Notes is contained in Appendix B.

Noteholder Claims are Impaired. The holders of such Claims are entitled to vote on the Plan.

Estimated Percentage Recovery: 39% for Cash and Majority New Notes only; recovery for New Noteholder Common Stock is highly speculative and not quantifiable."
The bid on the bonds right now is exactly 39.

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