Thursday, March 27, 2014

Job Opportunity

A Credit Bubble Stocks correspondent writes in,

"We are looking to hire editors for financial exam prep products. The compensation is $20-24 and all work is done remotely. Qualified candidates should have a CFP, CPA or other designation indicating competence in parsing complex financial regulations and documents for the benefit of our customers. Please send your resume to for more information."
It pays to read Credit Bubble Stocks!


whydibuy said...

What a joke!

A CPA for $20 hr. All the CPA's I've encountered earned $40 or more for their knowledge . Independent CPAs charge $80 hr and up.

Today $20 an hr gets you a somewhat competent factory worker or a lowly police officer right out of the academy. This is yet another example of CP's dis association from reality. He thinks this job posting is a great opportunity.

John said...

Perhaps you are forgetting about some stay-at-home moms who might be happy to do editing work for $25 per hour. For a 1000 hour, part time year, that would yield $25,000 with no commuting, clothing, and other expenses, while avoiding the commuting time away from family.

I can guess who the employer is who wants this posted, and I can assure you he knows both his service/product market and his target labor force very well indeed.