Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Genco Still At $1.80 Even Though Baltic Dry Index Has Plummeted

Stock price is steady at about $1.80, even though dry bulk rates have fallen 40% from the silly rally in March.


Anonymous said...

How will the following catalysts influence the price of $GNKOQ / the new Genco warrants:

* equity gets canceled (if it does not get liquidated)?

* warrants get issued?

* warrants trade but the underlying equity remains illiquid?

bjdubbs said...

any thoughts on DHT? chart looks good

theyenguy said...

Shipping stocks are trading high relative to the Baltic Dry Index, $BDI because Credit Madness, has sustained the EURJPY Currency Carry Trade Investments, such as Luxottica, LUX, Shipping Stocks, SEA, such as KEX, TK, TOO, TGP, SFL, GLNG, GLOG, SBLK, CMRE, NM, DLNG, GLBS, CPLP, GASS, Eurozone Nations, such as Netherlands, EWN, and the European Financial Institutions, EUFN, such as Switzerland’s, UBS, as well as the Design Build Companies, FLM, such as Switzerland’s FWLT.

The EUR/JPY is about to unwind as investors derisk out of the Euro, FXE. which closed at 136.95 on Friday April 2, 2014

Anonymous said...

Aurelius, Och Ziff and Mohawk are serving on the equity committee.

jHurt said...


I want to read the deposition!

CP said...

Great deposition dispute!