Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Radio Shack Term Loan $RSH

From the 10-K:

Term Loan Due December 2018: In December 2013 we borrowed $250 million, due in December 2018, under a new term loan credit agreement (“2018 Term Loan”) with two lenders and Salus Capital Partners, LLC as administrative and collateral agent. The 2018 Term Loan bears interest at our choice of a bank’s prime rate plus 10.0% or LIBOR plus 11.0%, but never less than 11.5%. Interest is payable on a monthly basis.

This term loan was issued at a discount of $9.2 million for aggregate consideration of $240.8 million, and resulted in net proceeds to the Company of $237.0 million, after the payment of debt issuance costs of $3.8 million. A portion of these proceeds was used to repay outstanding debt at the time of the borrowing. The remaining proceeds will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Obligations under the 2018 Term Loan are guaranteed by all of our wholly-owned domestic subsidiaries except Tandy Life Insurance Company. The 2018 Term Loan is secured on a second priority basis by current assets and by a first priority lien on fixed assets, intellectual property and equity interests of our direct and indirect subsidiaries.

If we or any of our subsidiaries that are guarantors of our obligations under the 2018 Term Loan sell assets on which the lenders holding all or a portion of the 2018 Term Loan have a first priority lien (other than sales of surplus property in the ordinary course of business not in connection with a store closure), we must use the net proceeds from the sale to repay the 2018 Term Loan.

Voluntary prepayments of the 2018 Term Loan must be in amounts of $1.0 million or more. Voluntary and certain mandatory prepayments are subject to prepayment premiums of 4% in year one, 3% in year two, 2% in year three, and 1% in year four. The 2018 Term Loan contains affirmative and negative covenants and events of default that are substantially similar to those contained in the 2018 Credit Agreement.

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