Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Reviews From Credit Bubble Stocks

5/5 - These Are "Must Read"






John said...

Michael Mauboussin's earlier book "More than you know" is a must read. It condenses a lot of investing wisdoms into a thin volume. After that book, his recent books are more rehash and expansion of the same topics.

Recently, I started to listen to audiobooks using Smart AudioBook Player on Android while idle, driving, walking and before sleep. Very enjoyable. Very productive. I can now "read" 3x times more books. I can now slowly clean up the backlogs of long books on my reading list. I'm currently "reading" Jared Diamond's Collapse and Issacson's biography of Benjamin Franklin.

The only caveat is I have to remind myself to leave enough free time to think.

John said...

Forgot to say, the references section in "More than you know" is also a gem. That led me to a lot of brilliant books like "Fooled by Randomness" and "In an uncertain world".