Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coal Industry

“Right now the industry is under siege, so you just create liquidity now and worry about fixing your balance sheet later,” Evan Mann, a senior bond analyst at Gimme Credit LLC, said by telephone from New York. “It buys everybody more time for there to be a recovery.”


Rob Dawg said...

More time for a regime change is the real reason. I never understood the war on coal but then I realized it wasn't the science but the politics.

eah said...


Treasuries are a crowded short.

CP said...

Treasuries are always on topic.

whydibuy said...

Coal is not a very good energy source. It has a relatively small BTU output.
And the movement of all that matter and its waste is a nightmare.
Its really about fracking natural gas. If you think fracking is here to stay and is economical, then coal is in deep dodo. If fracking turns out to be a money losing concept with steep well rate declines, then coal is viable. Obviously pumping gas down a pipe to a utility is alot easier than moving mega tons of coal around.