Friday, May 30, 2014

Debtwire Chatter on Radio Shack $RSH


"GSO Capital is exploring opportunities to make a bigger splash in the retailer’s capital structure, weighing a potential deal to take out second lien holder Cerberus Capital Management [...] bonds soared today as word of the potential negotiations circulated, the sources added. A lender roster change would give GSO more leverage in a potential workout as its stakes a claim across the issuer’s capital structure, including in CDS, sources speculated."


theyenguy said...

As credit now starts to fall apart, can you imagine the amount of litigation and human endeavor that will be devoted to carving up the social resources that were built up over the years beginning since 1948, and intensifying since 1971, and then again since 2000, and once again since 2008.

MrGotham said...

Care to expand on that? Social resources - do you mean brand equity?

Anonymous said...

He declined to say whether the development has prompted RadioShack to consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as an option. “I can’t comment on that obviously,” the CEO said.