Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interest Rates Don't "Interest" Momentum Investors?

Mentioned in our earlier post about interest rates:

The Fed continues to "taper" and yet interest rates keep falling. Maybe there's something wrong with everyone's theories about quantitative easing?

It goes to show how few people pay attention to technicals. People are massively short all three of those interest rate durations. Don't they like momentum?
One commenter replied,
One of the fastest ways to go broke is following "technical" ( sounds scientific, doesn't it? ) charts.
But a more astute commenter pointed out,
I don't use technical analysis either, but I took the post to be less about TA than about double standards.

Normally when a security has strong momentum, people find (invent?) technical reasons to buy it. Treasurys have lots of momentum but sentiment is still negative and most people don't care about the strong technicals. Whether or not TA works, the disconnect is telling.

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