Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Suntech Short Interest Declines Again $STPFQ

Down to 2,647,045 shares short at the end of May.


Anonymous said...

There's been an increase in volume over the past few days. Do you think the June 21st put exercisers and short covers are driving up the price of STPFQ? Or is it a result of dumb money investing in Suntech Holdings with the belief it still owns Wuxi Suntech (which has made expansion plans public recently)?

Anonymous said...

When it crossed over the 50 day moving average last week, it seemed like that signaled moron daytraders to start buying it.

Anonymous said...

There is apparently a penny stock promotion by BreakoutStocks that began June 10. I'm a June 21 put holder, and these clowns could not have timed this worse.

Anonymous said...

That makes it better from a pump & dump perspective.

Although there's actually very little open interest in the June contracts:

Jan 15s have much much more.

Anonymous said...

Crossing the 50 day moving average attracted the attention of "those people" last week.

When it loses momentum, they'll dump it, and it should set new lows again.