Tuesday, August 12, 2014

JP Morgan Take on Molycorp $MCP

"While Mt. Pass saw some improvement in production and costs, it still has to make significant gains to hit its targets, and the quarter saw little improvement in earnings and cash flow. MCP’s announced $400mm financing with Oaktree (which will be through credit facilities and sales leasebacks) is basically the equity raise we anticipated the company would have to do, as MCP will issue warrants for 10% of the company’s stock. However, the costs and terms associated with the credit facilities and sales leasebacks remain unknown at this time."


Anonymous said...

Actually the terms have already been released. You can see the interest rates, and the fact that they will get 250m and 150m in 2 tranches.

Anonymous said...

gambardella no longer has a 125 PT it would seem

Anonymous said...

gambardella no longer has a 125 pt it seems