Monday, September 22, 2014

Stockman: "They Do Ring A Bell At The Top: Alibaba Proves Wall Street Is Off Its Rocker"


"before the day was over it was trading at 27X the LTM sales posted for a shell in the Cayman Islands—-an entity on the word processor of a law office located there which may or may not receive actual cash dividends and honest accounting statements from a myriad of entities that do countless things in China."


Stagflationary Mark said...

Cramer says it is the real deal!

Alibaba is the real deal

Call me humbled. That was my immediate reaction Friday morning when I met Jack Ma... - Jim Cramer

Then again, Cramer also thought Lenny Dykstra was the real deal. ;)

The Sarcasm Report v.52

I think that people don't think of Lenny as sophisticated, but I am telling you Bernie, that not only is he sophisticated but he's one of the great ones in this business. He's one of the great ones. - Jim Cramer

If I didn't know any better, I would tell you that everything you hear from Lenny is an act, because there is just no way that you would ever feel like he's as smart as he really is. - Jim Cramer

Dykstra was last seen...

Lenny Dykstra: Out of Prison, and Still Headstrong

The details behind his financial downfall and incarceration are too elaborate to render here. But there is this: For a while, he lived a millionaire’s life but ended up bankrupt, jailed on state charges that included grand theft auto, and then in federal prison. The dark side of his recent past does not appear on his website.

One of the great ones! ;)

bjdubbs said...

The book about Blackstone (King of Capital) makes it pretty clear that Stockman was a lunatic. He opposed nearly every deal that was proposed and his own deals turned into turkeys. He wouldn't type numbers into spreadsheets, instead he would write out the spreadsheet and then fax it to an assistant for data entry.

whydibuy said...

Every new company is a sign of the top to these perma bears.
I remember Facebook being trumpeted as a top maker and when its stock receded to the teens, all I heard was this is it ( Prechter like. lol ). Now FB is soaring higher and all is growing well there. So keep up the bear talk about tops. we bulls love it. It proves this market has lots of upside ahead.

eah said...

Would not trust any Chinese company. Period.

eah said...


That shoe company President who absconded with the company cash register is apparently alive and communicating:

Again in "Ad-Hoc" news:

Former CEO approached company

Over the weekend, the dismissed former CEO of Ultrasonic AG, Qingyong Wu, contacted Clifford Chan, the CFO of the Company, and the German broker by phone, claiming that he would return to the company and that he would also return the funds. However, an attempt by a representative of the Ultrasonic Supervisory Board to personally contact Mr. Wu in Xiamen has not been successful yet. A more detailed evaluation of the call was not possible for the Management and the Supervisory Board considering the shortness of time.

Yes, I'm sure with more time a "detailed evaluation" of that phone call -- whatever that means -- will be published. Can't wait. Maybe they can also do an 'extensive analysis' of why they could not call him back -- maybe he had caller ID turned off on his end.

Chinese companies and the childish shenanigans of Chinese miscreants are always good for a laugh.

CP said...

eah, thanks for the updates on the story - that's a Chinese classic