Friday, September 15, 2017

Have a Donut

Maturity YTM CY Mcap
XCO 2018 167% 23% $29
CIE 2019 85% 10% $50
REXX 2020 41% 20% $22
BONT 2021 38% 20% $11
HOS 2021 32% 12% $115


ADL said...

On the back of my envelope, REXX at least looks cash breakeven with natural gas ~10% higher than it is now, which does nothing for their debt other than make it potentially refinanceable. But they (maybe) have a runway of a few years. They are currently burning the furniture to keep warm, but any definitive zero depends at least in part on an opinion of fossil fuel prices, which is a sucker's bet. Though of course there are covenants, operational issues, stupidity...

Anonymous said...

There's only $24 million of that 40% ytm note outstanding. Don't know why they don't do a nice debt for equity exchange?