Monday, March 5, 2018

High Plateau Drifter on the Eloi and the Morlocks

He writes,

On a recent drive from the semi-rural county in which I live, I drove through the campus of the University of Texas at Austin on the way to the doctors office. The weather was typical, moderate Texas weather, clear, 50-ish degrees.

It was between class bells and there were thousands of girls all wearing jacket tops coming down to the waist and then from waist to ankle black tights which put the shape of their equipment below the waist on clear display. I had never seen so many attractive figures in one place before. And all in "uniform."

In the evening news all I see are fatties and uglies screaming about this or that social injustice and "white privilege".

And yet here was proof that the vast majority of girls at UT were perfectly normal, going about the business of educating themselves and making themselves attractive at the same time. Yet the screamers and fatties of network news were nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps some were there, but given such a beautiful prospect to look upon, my vision had become selective, and lacking the stark and uniform black tights, the minority of fatties and uglies had become invisible. Those black tights and the bodies they enclosed demanded the same laser focused attention as Robinson Jeffers famous "halo of spears."

But of course this beautiful vista brought on thoughts of a larger demographic trend I have noticed over time. Due to assortive mating, looks and brains are beginning to correlate to a much greater degree than in the past. As you drive from the semi rural county in which I live westward through Austin and on to the West suburbs such as Lakeway, you see that the housing stock becomes larger and more luxurious, and the women taking their morning exercise walks and the young ladies at the beach are vastly better looking.

If the trend of assortive mating for looks and intelligence continues, at some point in the future we will have a rough approximation of IQ (within half a standard deviation) just by looking at the person in front of us. The dumb blond is dead.

I have concluded that, to an astonishing degree, rural America has become a comfortable place for the stupid and ugly to hide from competition. The smart and attractive kids leave for the big cities and never come back.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Note that rural Americans also:
(a) are the ones sacrificed in the pointless wars
(b) are the ones who have bought the long duration gov't debt in their rural banks!

High Plateau Drifter said...

Perhaps the black tights are an adaptation to the reality that there are far more women than men attending college these days.

But for men in the market to sponsor a young lady's education, (so called sugarbabies) I would recommend Texas State at San Marcos about 50 miles south of UT on I35. The local sandwich shops on the town square offer a spectacular vista, and the student body (no pun intended) will have far fewer pretensions to academic seriousness than the ladies at UT.