Thursday, January 16, 2020

"New Tesla registrations in California nearly halved in the fourth quarter"

From CNBC:

The report released on Wednesday showed registrations in California, a bellwether market for the electric-car maker, plummeted 46.5% to 13,584 in the quarter ended December 2019, from 25,402 in the same period a year earlier.

Model 3 registrations, which accounted for about three-fourth of the total, halved to 10,694.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

"One can assume that Tesla has hit peak performance in the U.S. because they have not exceeded their 2018 results for five months now," said Shane Marcum, vice-president of Cross-Sell.
Tesla is priced like a disruptive company, but it's sales figures look like a niche/fad product. The most economical vehicles are what taxi/Uber drivers use: Japanese hybrids.


Anonymous said...

Musk needs to be in jail.

Anonymous said...

- Women went from choosing among the 50 guys they went to high school with to 5000 guys on tinder all hunting them for sex.
- Our folks lived in a town with a few rich people. Now we're hyper aware of how poor we are compared to every tech billionaire.
- Boomers drove around smoking cigars in their cars that ran on whale oil. Now we know the planet is dying and everything is literally cancer.
- "The news" used to be an hour program on a local network. Now it's millions of websites and dozens of 24/7 channels blasting us with all the disasters in every corner of the world.

Obviously some people cope just fine with the modern burden of information, but many do not. Future generations will have to evolve a better filter.

eahilf said...

Aufregung wegen Stellenanzeige -- Tesla will Mitarbeiter aus Polen anwerben

The (rather naive it must be said) Germans are a bit concerned, even miffed: seems for the planned TSLA facility in Brandenburg (part of the former East and therefore still rather poor overall), TSLA is looking to hire Poles (Poland is a member of the EU, and Poles can now come to Germany to work without restriction), i.e. not only people in Brandenburg:

Gegen das geplante Tesla-Werk in Brandenburg regt sich neuer Widerstand. Diesmal sorgt eine Stellenanzeige für Unmut. Gefragt sind unter anderem fließende Polnischkenntnisse. Offenbar sollen die Mitarbeiter nicht nur aus dem unmittelbaren Umfeld kommen.

Tja, was kann man sagen?

Eine jüngst entdeckte Stellenausschreibung für die neue Personalabteilung im Werk im beschaulichen 8000-Seelenort Grünheide ist für manchen ein richtiger Schlag ins Gesicht. Gesucht wird ein Mitarbeiter oder eine Mitarbeiterin mit fließenden Deutsch-, Englisch- sowie Polnischkenntnissen. Der Verdacht drängt sich auf, dass Tesla offenbar auch hinter der nur 60 Kilometer entfernten deutsch-polnischen Landesgrenze nach Mitarbeitern suchen will. Eigentlich hatten sich die Landespolitiker Tausende neuer Jobs für Brandenburger und Berliner erhofft. An Arbeiter aus Polen hatten wohl zunächst die wenigsten gedacht.

It's like a slap in the face: someone saw a job ad where TSLA wants people who can speak not only German, but also English and Polish (since the fall of the Iron Curtain, many Poles now study English rather than Russian; many high tech companies operate in Poland) -- seems TSLA intends to hire Poles, since the border with Poland is only 60km away, which is < 40 miles, so they could even commute.

Anonymous said...



They can put it in Poland. Better yet, they can put it on Mars.

eahilf said...

it's sales figures


I'm a fan of MotoGP (like F1, but for motorcycles), and 2019 was the debut season for the MotoE (electric) class/bikes -- and there were two very serious charging incidents/fires: one in Jerez/SP (link-Jerez) and one in Austria (link-Austria) -- keep in mind Dorna invests a lot of money in safety and development, and technically I'm sure the MotoE bikes were state-of-the-art -- also we're talking about a very small number of machines, max a couple of dozen, and a rather short season -- yet there were two very serious fires.

So I'm wondering what's going to happen when/if there are millions more electric vehicles on the road and hooking up to the charging grid -- ?

Anonymous said...


There will never be millions of EVs on the road because the drivers will burn to death before they become that numerous. Also, EVs are a huge PITA.